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Associated Organizations

In order to achieve a truly international appeal to authors, their families and rights-holders to submit manuscripts, the Worldwide Shoah Memoirs Collections is asking relevant organizations in all countries to join in this historic initiative.

Associated organizations are asked to encourage all survivors and their families to submit their manuscripts and to publicize the program in their local communities.

Organizations interested in becoming an Associate Organization of the Worldwide Shoah Memoirs Collection should send the following information, preferably by email.

  1. Name and address of organization
  2. Name of contact person
  3. As your organization will be listed in the Worldwide Shoah Memoirs Collection website, please indicate your organization's web address if you would like us to link to your site
  4. Your email address
Send your response to:

Stella Breckenridge
Memoirs Outreach Coordinator
Tel: 1-646-485-2130
Fax: 1-212-685-5299