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Presenting the manuscript entitled: ____________________________________________________________________________

Hereafter "The Author/Rights-Holder"

To: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany [Claims Conference]

The Author/Rights-Holder states that to his or her best knowledge the facts and events related in the manuscript were known and were lived through by the author, that they are not the product of fiction or the creation of a person other than the original author.

The Author/Rights-Holder warrants that he or she owns the rights constituting the copyright in the manuscript and that he or she has unrestricted authority to donate the rights described in this contract.

The Author/Rights-Holder transfers to the Claims Conference the manuscript to be included in an electronic collection of survivors' memoirs. The Claims Conference shall have the sole discretion as to whether or not to include the manuscript in the electronic collection.

Both the Claims Conference and the Author/Rights-Holder retain the right to remove the manuscript from the collection at any time and for any reason.

The Author/Rights-Holder releases the Claims Conference from any responsibility in the event of loss or theft of the manuscript, whatever the circumstances or consequences of such loss or theft.

The Author/Rights-Holder agrees that the Claims Conference shall not be liable for any claims or actions that result from or are connected to the dissemination of the manuscript to any third parties.

In the event that the Claims Conference decides to make the manuscript publicly available at any time in the future, the Author/Rights-Holder gives the Claims Conference a non-exclusive right to be exercised in any manner it considers appropriate to upload the manuscript to the Internet or to make the manuscript publicly available in any other format; to make orthographic and typographic changes in the text and a non-exclusive right to add titles, subtitles, footnotes, translation and commentary.

The Claims Conference shall be entitled to insert in the preface to the manuscript and/or any website hosting the manuscript a disclaimer stating that the Claims Conference is not making any representations as to the accuracy of the manuscript or of any details contained within it.

The Claims Conference may assign all rights under this contract to a bona fide not-for- profit institution dealing with Holocaust research.

The Claims Conference shall be entitled to act in its sole discretion in regard to its rights and responsibilities under this agreement.

Other than as set forth above, the Author/Right-Holder retains all rights to the manuscript.

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